Rotor & Wings heb ik leren kennen als een sympathiek en uitermate professioneel vliegbedrijf. Wings of Care zal met genoegen van de diensten van Rotor & Wings gebruik blijven maken
Marck Haerkens
vlieger en directeur Wings of Care
Een fijne school, waar de nadruk ligt op persoonlijke begeleiding. Iedereen doet duidelijk zijn best om voor elke leerling de beste toekomst te garanderen.
Sjors de Goeijen

Flight school Rotor & Wings

Have you always dreamed of becoming a pilot? With Rotor & Wings, your flight training is in safe and competent hands. Rotor & Wings offers helicopter and fixed-wing flight training according to the rules and regulations of the European Aviation Safety Agency, EASA, and is the only FTO in the Netherlands to train both fixed wing and helicopter pilots. Rotor & Wings is based at Lelystad Airport and Maastricht Aachen Airport.

The adventure of flight
Our flight training combines professionalism, safety, flexibility, and fun. Our experience has taught us that a calm, personalized approach of our instructors results in a safe and pleasant learning environment for our student pilots. Your dream of becoming a pilot can become reality.

Our training does not stop once a license has been obtained; after obtaining a PPL or CPL license, our pilots can always rely on us for information and advice. Furthermore, we offer our CPL students and graduates valuable practical experience in the form of ferry flights and sightseeing tours.

Interested in flight training or a discovery flight?

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